World of Veses

World of Veses

Official Veses Whitepaper, last updated Aug 2022

Veses Universe

Veses is an independent FREE-TO-PLAY online Nft action adventure featuring cyberpunk-inspired theme. Powered by the BNB Chain, Veses gives you complete ownership over your in-game collectibles. Collect $WVT, rare hero, create your own NFTs, build your skill, battle with other players and sell items to other traders.
Veses will have a wide variety of gaming experiences. Many of them will feature intense competition between players utilising intricate plans and tactics in an effort to win desired resources or reach the top rankings. The gameplay will require them to finish missions, defeat bosses, and uncover more storyline.
Origin features:
  • Leveling - Level up your hero
  • Upgrade - Unique burn and upgrade hero rarity
  • Explore - Explore the land of possibility
  • Land - Collect material & build your world
  • Craft - Hunt & produce NFT item
  • Earn - Win $WVT & Trade

Stake to Earn

Stake $WVT earned from the gameplay, to stabilizing the token's value and earn for more $WVT rewards.
Staking $WVT will give you voting rights and decide over the game development direction.
Coin Staking
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